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If you're looking for answers about the Bible, God, and life, you're in the right place. My name is John Lilley, Founder and President of John Lilley Ministries. Welcome to! Here you'll find helpful Bible questions and answers that will relieve a lot of your confusion, and breakthrough insights you may not hear anywhere else concerning what the Bible says about the world we live in, its future, and God's purpose for it all.

No matter where you're coming from - whether you're a truth seeker looking for answers in life, or a Bible believer looking for the answer to a specific Bible question - I believe you'll find helpful information here. In addition to answering some of the most common and difficult Bible questions, my goal is to explain the answers to life's biggest and most important questions in simple, easy-to-understand language and with logic that actually makes sense.

The most important resource on this site is my book Hell Is a Mistranslation. Although it would normally sell for $9.99, I am currently making it available at no cost to you, because its message is so important - it's about the most important subject in the world and the most important subject in the Bible.

The next great move of God will be a paradigm shift in which a large percentage of the body of Christ returns to what the early church and native Greek speaking church fathers believed about the most important subject in the Bible, to the point where the last major pagan Middle Ages Catholic leftover doctrine that clings to Christianity will no longer be considered "normal" in many or most Christian circles.

Read the book to learn more! You can also watch the video version for free.

I believe you'll find, as I did, that many confusing questions about the Bible, God, and life are answered with perfect clarity when we translate the Bible accurately and interpret it with common sense rules of communication.

And if you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, I cordially invite you to visit to learn more about. (Just click on "Phoenix Church" in the menu at left.)

I hope this website helps you understand God and the Bible better. Stay and browse awhile!

May God bless you richly,

John Lilley

Hell Is a Mistranslation - Read the FREE Book Here!
Hell Is a Mistranslation - Read the FREE book here and get breakthrough insights into Scripture and God's plan!
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