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This section of the site is dedicated to helping you understand the book of Revelation and end times Bible prophecy.

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What makes me different from most book of Revelation or end times Bible prophecy teachers? I strictly follow a few simple common sense rules that we use to understand each other in everyday communication. Strictly following these common sense communication rules, just as we do in everyday life, is the only sure-fire way to interpret Bible prophecy accurately.

Trying to interpret Bible prophecy without using these common sense rules is an exercise in frustration because you do not have a framework or method for proving anything logically; it is all guesswork. In my book End Times Explained I teach you how to use these common sense rules to interpret Bible end times prophecy, and give you three simple questions you must ask about any Bible prophecy in order to interpret it accurately. When you interpret Bible prophecy this way, your brain suddenly begins to be satisfied with the conclusions you reach, because you have reached those conclusions logically, not with guesswork or creativity.

Most Bible prophecy teachers cannot logically prove their interpretations because they do not follow the simple unchanging rules of communication and Bible interpretation. The result is that when listening to their teachings you are left with a feeling of "Yeah, do I know he's right?" This is because the teacher has not proven his interpretation to you with logic, common sense, and Scripture; even if he quotes many Scriptures, at the end of the day he has merely given you his creative opinion about what the passage means without actually proving it to your logical mind by explaining the rules he is using to interpret Scripture.

When we follow invariable common sense rules of communication that we use 100% of the time in everyday communication, and interpret Scripture with Scripture and common sense rather than with creative imagination, this makes it possible to know for sure whether a prophecy is literal or symbolic instead of guessing, and to logically prove an interpretation of an end times Bible prophecy instead of trying to figure out whose imaginative interpretation to believe.

In the articles below you'll discover some of the insights that can be gained by using common sense communication rules to interpret Bible prophecies. And many more insights are found in my book

End Times Explained: 7 Little-Known Keys To Understanding the Book of Revelation.

The 4 Steps You Must Take To Understand Bible End Time Prophecy

How To Know If Revelation Images Are Literal Or Symbolic, and Interpret Any Bible Prophecy With Logic and Confidence

Left Behind Nicolas Cage Movie Brings A-List Deception To a Theater Near You

Is the Mark of the Beast Literal or Symbolic? The Bible Interpretation Rule That Decides This Issue (and Many Others) Once and For All

Signs of the End Times: 3 Biblical Reasons We Can Know For Sure We Are Living In the Last Days of This Age

The Old Testament Prophetic Feasts - An Overlooked End-Time Clue!

The Rapture FOUND In the Revelation Trumpets (Yes, It Is In the Book of Revelation!)

Wormwood & Planet X - Why A 2012 Conspiracy Isn't Too Far From the Truth

The Shocking DUAL Identity of Mystery Babylon

Preterism Debunked - Jesus Didn't Lie In Matthew 24:34, But We Don't Need Preterism To Prove It

The WHY? of the End of This Age, Explained - Why Will God Allow All the Craziness and Difficulty?

The Most Likely Living Candidate For the Antichrist

How To Be Blindsided By Upcoming World Events

Left Behind Vs. Jesus - How the "Left Behind" Version of the Rapture Directly Contradicts Jesus' Simple Words

Pre-trib Vs Post-Trib Rapture: Jesus Dealt a Death Blow To One of These Views, and One Reader Doesn't Like It!

Are There Any Bible Verses That Prove A Pre-Trib Rapture?

The Seven Seals Explained, and Where We Are At This Point In Time (2012)

Introduction to John Lilley's Easy-To-Understand End Times Timeline

John's Easy-To-Understand End Times Timeline In "This Will Happen, Then This..." Story Form

More About This Section of the Site

Revelation 1:1 says the book of Revelation was written to show God's servants what will occur "quickly" (not "soon", that's a bad translation) when the time comes. It's extremely important that you understand the book of Revelation, because when the drastic events it predicts begin to happen, they're going to happen fast - and the vast majority of the world's population, including Christians, will be blindsided and caught unprepared.

The prophet Daniel was told that in the last days only the wise - only those who have insight - would truly understand what was going on.

Most of the articles in this section are excerpts from End Times Explained. Here is some more information about the powerful content of the book and the articles in this section that are based on it.

One amazing thing I discovered in my study of end-times Bible prophecy is that there is a sure-fire way to tell if a prophetic passage is literal or symbolic. This is so tremendously helpful, I made it the #1 Little-Known Key To Understanding the Book of Revelation in my book End Times Explained. This key will open up a whole new world to you in that you will finally be able to find out the logically provable meaning of any end times prophecy in the Bible.

Another thing I discovered is that it is extremely important to know the major events that will occur in the end times before "graduating" to the finer details. Most Christians, even those that have studied end times prophecy somewhat, don't have a solid grasp on the major events that will occur at the end of this age or the order in which they will occur. This is either because they are lulled to sleep by the erroneous assumption that the rapture will occur before anything really bad happens on earth (see Matt. 25:29), or they get so caught up in the little details of end times prophecy timing that they can't see the forest for the trees.

It is impossible to have a basic understanding of coming end times events or figure out the fine details of Bible prophecy until you know what major events will occur, and in what order. In End Times Explained I explain (and the articles in this section will give you an introduction to) the major events of the end times and the order in which they occur, along with many other fascinating details such as:

* The exact location of the rapture in the book of Revelation and relative to other end time events, as proven by 5 Scriptural clues

* 7 Little-Known Keys To Understanding the Book of Revelation

* Why the prophet Daniel was told that in the last days only those who have "insight" will understand what is going on

* Why the vast majority of the world's population, including most Christians, will be massively surprised and confused by end time events

* The worldwide traumatic event almost no one sees coming that will be known as "The End of the World As We Know It"

* The Shocking Dual Identity of Mystery Babylon, and how she will be destroyed in two phases - one before the rapture, and one after

* Clear and specific Scriptural instructions for how to be in the right place at the right time - what to look for, where to go, and what to do - to escape the worldwide traumatic events that are coming

* Why Jesus told us to pray that we would have the strength to "escape all these things" (to follow the Scriptural escape plan for the wise)

* The next major event to look for on the prophetic calendar, that will "kick off" the major events of the end times (no, it's not the rapture)

* What will happen to the world's major religions (including Christianity) when traumatic events, powerful deceptions, and extremely convincing signs take place, and how "insight" is the only thing that will enable you to remain undeceived

* Why many Christians who are hoping for a great harvest of souls are being set up to be part of the great falling away that will happen instead

* Why understanding end times Bible prophecy does not require great intelligence, but a willingness to discard some powerful popular misconceptions and learn a few simple things you do not yet know

* Where "aliens" are found in the book of Revelation, and how humanity is being set up for a huge deception that will fool anyone - as Jesus said, "even the elect if it were possible" - who has not studied this issue

* An easy-to-understand Revelation timeline in story form that lists the major events of the end times in the order in which they will occur

...and much more.

Another amazing thing I discovered as I studied end times Bible prophecy is that most of the popular Bible prophecy "experts" and best-selling authors routinely break common sense rules of communication and Bible interpretation!

If you're interested in learning more about the following questions, I believe my resources on end times Bible prophecy will be helpful to you:

Are there any keys that make the book of Revelation easier to understand? (There are 7 of them that most Christians aren't aware of!)

Is there a reliable way to interpret the book of Revelation, to prove what the meaning of a passage is logically, and to know whether a Bible prophecy is literal or symbolic?

Will the rapture occur before the tribulation? (The simple answer from Jesus’ mouth!)

Is the “Left Behind” version of the rapture accurate? Does it agree with the Bible?

Why isn’t the rapture event recorded in the book of Revelation? (It is!)

Is there a difference between the tribulation and the wrath of God?

What are the weird locust-creatures in the book of Revelation?

What is “Mystery Babylon”?

What is Wormwood in the book of Revelation?

What about "Planet X" - is there any connection between it and Bible prophecy?

What about the predictions of doom for the year 2012 - is there any connection between that and Bible prophecy?

Is there anyone alive today who (so far) meets the Biblical criteria for being the Antichrist? (Yes, there is! And no, it's not Obama!)

Is there any connection between the modern economy, recent economic events, and the events foretold in the book of Revelation? (Absolutely, there is, and it's a BIGGIE.)

What is the connection between Old Testament prophecies and the book of Revelation?

Are there any instructions a wise person needs to follow in the end times? If so, what are they?

CLICK HERE to learn the answers to all these questions and more, explained in easy-to-understand language in End Times Explained.

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