Is Hell A Real Place?
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Is Hell A Real Place? The Answer May Surprise You...

It's natural to ponder the biggest questions about life, God, and the Bible. One of the biggest is, "Is hell a real place? And if so, why would God create billions of people knowing beforehand that most of them would end up there?" This section of the website is designed to introduce you to the surprising but simple answer to this question.

In the first article below you'll find a list of difficult questions that stump Christians unnecessarily. My wife calls them “the questions no Christian dares to ask but every Christian secretly wonders about”. Thankfully, the accurately translated Bible itself has very simple, easy-to-understand answers for these questions.

The articles in this section along with my free book Hell Is A Mistranslation will lead you to the most wonderful discovery you could ever make: God has a good plan for humanity, and He has a logical reason for everything He has done, is doing (allowing), and will do. In the book I explain in detail from the (accurately translated) Bible exactly what God's ultimate plan for humanity is, how He will carry it out, and why He planned human history the way He did.

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More About This Section of the Website: Is Hell a Real Place?:

The topic of God's ultimate plan for humanity revealed in the accurately translated Bible is essential for anyone who wants to understand the big "Why?" questions of life. If you are a person who takes God and the Bible seriously, or even if you are just curious, or have heard people talk about God and the Bible, the questions I list below may seem impossible to answer. God seems so mysterious and…nonsensical.

But translate a few key words from the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of the Bible into English accurately, and suddenly, God makes perfect sense.

As I mentioned above, the articles in this Is Hell a Real Place? section are primarily excerpts or adaptations from Hell Is A Mistranslation. My online articles will give you an introduction to the answer to the core question addressed by this section of the website (Is hell a real place?) and the basics of God's ultimate plan for humanity revealed in the accurately translated Bible, while the book itself contains the in-depth, line-by-line, verse-by-verse Scriptural proof.

Here are some of the “seemingly impossible” questions the many people, especially Christians, wonder about:

Is hell a real place?

Why would God create billions of precious people knowing beforehand that most of them would end up burning and screaming in agony for trillions upon trillions of years (forever)?

If God is love, how could He create a system where the punishment is eternal torture, knowing that most of His creations would end up with this punishment?

Why do pretty-good, sort-of-good, sort-of-bad, and really-bad people all get the exact same punishment (hell)? How can this be so, if God says He will judge them “according to their deeds”?

Why is God seemingly losing the battle for souls?

Why is God seemingly losing the battle to make the world a better place?

Why does God allow so much suffering?

Why does the world just get worse and worse?

Why does God allow evil people to prosper and good people to be exploited?

Why would God let Satan run rampant now (deceiving and hurting so many) and then tie him up after Jesus returns (when it’s too late, because everybody’s already chosen between heaven and hell)? If God can tie up Satan any time He wants, why doesn’t He do it now?

What is the answer to the seemingly impossible predestination dilemma? (It’s amazingly simple)

What happens when you die? If a Christian goes to heaven immediately when they die, why would they need to be resurrected?

Jesus said, "No man has ascended into heaven." (John 3:13) So...Where did Enoch and Elijah go?

If Jesus meant the parable of Lazarus and the rich man to be a true story, or true to life, why did He contradict Himself in John 3:13, and why would a man suffering in the flames of the afterlife ask for only a drop of water on his tongue?

If people go to heaven or hell immediately the moment they die, then why did the apostle Paul say it doesn't matter how we live our lives if there is no resurrection? (1 Cor. 15:32)

If Christians receive their reward immediately upon death (if death is a second life), then why did the angel tell Daniel he would not get his reward until the rapture? (Dan. 12:13)

If Christians are enjoying their reward in heaven the moment they die, what is the point of the rapture?

If death is a second life, then what need is there for resurrection?

If a non-Christian goes to hell immediately when they die, what’s the point of resurrecting them again just to stand before the white throne and hear “you’ve been bad…or at least not good enough…and now you’re going back in the fire!”?

How can God be fair if He throws people in hell before they even have a chance to be judged?

How can God throw a nice Chinese man who never heard the word “Jesus” in his lifetime, into hell, when the Bible itself says “How can they believe without hearing, and how can they hear without a preacher?”

What is God’s justification for sending billions to hell who have never even heard the word “Jesus”?

How would Christians be able to party forever, knowing all the while that their family members, friends, and most of humanity is screaming in agony?

No human court would ever sentence a person to even one week of continuous torture; I would go to jail for life if I tortured or burned my children even one time for 5 seconds – yet God will sentence most people to endless torture for trillions of years. Why is God’s sense of justice so much different than our built-in sense of justice?

If the destiny of Christians is heaven, why would God go to all the trouble of putting us on earth and designing us to live here, only to abandon the whole plan altogether?

Why does every religion (including Christianity) say that the end of humanity is tragedy (most people tortured or suffering, or reincarnation as a cow, etc.) If God went to all that trouble to create us, wouldn’t He have a better plan?

These questions seem to have no answer…until you translate certain key words in the Bible accurately from Greek and Hebrew into English. Then the answers are crystal clear, and God makes perfect sense. The answer to most of these big questions of life that linger in the back of most Christians' minds, are answered quite easily when you first find the answer to one core question: Is hell a real place?

Read my book to find the answers to the biggest questions of life straight from the pages of the accurately translated Bible, explained in simple, easy-to-understand language. You've wondered, is hell a real place? You don't have to wonder any more. Click on the book below to learn more:

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