The Shocking DUAL Identity of
Mystery Babylon

Mystery Babylon Revealed To Have A DUAL Identity, by John Lilley

Excerpt from the book End Times Explained by John Lilley

The identity of Mystery Babylon is one of the most important subjects in Biblical prophecy, and therefore it is one of the most important subjects in the world, period. Babylon’s downfall will be the cause of great celebration amongst the righteous (Rev. 19:1-6) because it is the cause of great evil in the world today.

There is a very good reason the Bible uses the word “mystery” when describing modern Babylon – because very few people in the world today understand what Mystery Babylon is. I point this out in order to warn you that what you will read in this article is not something you’re going to see explained on CNN or even in most Christian churches.

If you’ve had your worldview formed by misguided Christians who are trying to “win the battle for Washington”, etc., you may have some trouble accepting some or much of what I say in this article, despite the fact that I believe everything I say in this article is Scriptural and logical. (You will have to test what I say and see if you agree with me.) (Also see my articles in the Hell Mistranslation section of this website to see why God does not want Christians to "win" the "battle for Washington" in this age.)

We’re going to follow the clues the Bible gives us in order to solve the mystery and discover the identity of Babylon in the modern world. Just like Sherlock Holmes, we must use logic and deductive reasoning, together with our knowledge of facts about the modern world, to follow the trail the Scriptures lay out for us on the path to understanding Mystery Babylon.

We will follow the clues in four steps:

1, the general identity of Babylon in the world today

2, how we know there are actually two Babylons (Mother and Daughter)

3, who Mother Babylon is, and who Daughter Babylon is

4, what will happen to Mother and Daughter (how they will fall), and when

In other words, instead of trying to figure everything out all at once, we’re going to take things one at a time: first, we’ll figure out what Babylon is in general, then we’ll figure out what it is in specific (as you’ll see, it actually has a dual identity), and then, we’ll figure out exactly what happens to each of its identities, and when.

Ready to play detective? Here we go.

The General Identity of Babylon In the World Today

Let me lay out some clues that will help give us a general idea of what Babylon is in the modern world. These will be Scriptural clues that match up with things we see in the natural realm of the world we live in. Keep in mind that every time God gives us a clue about Babylon’s identity in Scripture, He is wanting to do two things: 1st, make it cryptic enough to keep the casual reader and the casual/superficial student of world affairs from understanding it (to keep it a “mystery”), and 2nd, make it clear enough so that the real truth-seeker, the diligent/humble/teachable/insightful student of the Bible and of world affairs, can fairly easily match up each Scriptural clue to its counterpart in real life.

Clues about Babylon’s general identity:

Rev. 17:6, drunk with blood of the saints: evil, has killed Christians and opposed Christian values throughout history

Rev. 17:2, kings of the earth committed immorality with her: the people who run the world are intimate with Babylon; also matches up with Luke 4:5-6, which tell us that Satan handpicks the world’s leaders

Rev. 18:3, merchants of the earth have become rich as a result of her power to indulge: a global economic trade union

Rev. 17:18, she is the great city which has a kingdom over the kings of the earth: THIS IS A HUGE KEY! She rules over the world’s leaders! The world’s leaders answer to HER, NOT to their people! In other words, there is no such thing as democracy. The leaders of the world answer to Mystery Babylon.

Rev. 17:5, her name includes the word “mystery”: most people have no idea she exists and no understanding of her operations in the world.

Rev. 17:5, her name includes the word “Babylon”: she must have some sort of connection with the ancient land of Babylon. (Some say Iraq, the modern nation that stands where ancient Babylon used to be, will rise up in the future, etc., but I think that is ridiculous, there is no way modern Iraq could ever fulfill the Scriptural requirements to be Mystery Babylon. There must be a connection with ANCIENT Babylon amongst the people who rule the world – and as we’ll see, there is exactly such a connection.)

So, working with just these few clues, let’s get a general idea of who Babylon is. If I had to describe her in a sentence using just the general clues listed above, I would say Mystery Babylon is a global system of Satanic rulership and financial power to which the world’s leaders answer, which the vast majority of the earth’s population does not realize exists.

In short, Mystery Babylon seems to be the human connection between Satan and the world’s power structure in this age. Following deductive reasoning, there should be evidence of Satanism in the people who run Satan’s power structure, and there should be some connection to ancient Babylon that can be found amongst the world’s satanically-handpicked world leaders. So, is there?

Absolutely. Let’s look for the ancient Babylon connection first, because that would be the most unique and tell-tale clue. What about ancient Babylon survives today? Not much. However, there is one powerful thing that ancient Babylon gave the world, which is alive and well today, especially amongst the elite: the ancient Babylonian mystery religions.

If you study history you will see that the ancient Babylonian mystery religions never died. Their gods just changed names. The ancient Babylonian gods became the Egyptian gods (with name changes). The Egyptian gods became the Greek gods (with name changes). The Greek gods became the Roman gods (with name changes). Then these gods and rituals were incorporated into the Catholic church (a clever mixture of this ancient paganism and Christianity). So all throughout history, we’ve had the same religious system, different package. That’s why all throughout the world, even in cultures that seemingly had no contact with each other, the pagan religions almost without variation use the same basic symbolism of the snake and the sun.

“But”, you say, “I don’t know anybody who worships these ancient pagan gods. Nobody pays attention to them anymore.”

Well, you’re only half right. Regular people don’t really worship these gods anymore (except in some remote or non-Western places, or unwittingly through the Catholic church). However, the elite definitely worship these gods. Huh? You heard me right.

Want proof? Look at the symbolism of London, Washington D.C., the Vatican, Paris, etc. etc. and the symbolism that they put on their power buildings (Rockefeller Center, Statue of Liberty, and on and on). Count the cities that have obelisks or pyramids. The elite decide what symbolism to use when building these things, and they choose their symbolism according to their secret religion. If you study the architecture of the buildings of the power centers of the world, they are a smorgasbord of ancient mystery religion symbolism. Why do you think that might be?

Let’s take our investigation one step further. Is there any way that we can connect a significant segment of the elite power-class with the ancient Babylonian mystery religions, with books and documents? Yes. First, research how many world leaders from the past few centuries were/are Freemasons. (A lot. A ton of U.S. Presidents, including George Washington; the City of London, which runs the world financially, and Washington D.C., which was designed by Washington and other Masons, are designed to be full of Masonic symbolism. And that’s just the tiniest tip of the iceberg.)

Then, simply read what the most respected Freemason (by Freemasons themselves) of the last few centuries, Albert Pike, wrote about Freemasonry. In his book Morals and Dogma he plainly states that Lucifer is the “light” that freemasons seek, and that Freemasonry is a continuation of the ancient mystery religions (which originated in Babylon). In one of his letters to the Grand Masters of some Scottish Rite Chapters, he said, plainly, “Lucifer is god, and so, unfortunately, is Yahweh.” (Then he went on to make it clear that this secret is only to be shared with Masons who are 32nd Degree or higher.) Mystery Babylon, indeed.

Freemasonry is not the only secret society which is Satanic at the top levels. There’s a whole plethora of them which Satan’s elite belong to. But that’s a subject all its own, which I don’t have time to get into here. You can research it on your own if you want. For now, I’ve made my point. The people who run the world are in bed spiritually with the Satanic mystery religions which originated in Babylon.

Some of you might be saying, “This can’t be. World leaders can’t worship Satan in secret!” Why not? Because CNN didn’t tell you about it? Do you really expect Satan’s media system to tell you all his dirty little secrets? Get real. Read Luke 4:5-6 until it never leaves your brain again. Satan gives control over the nations and the “glory” (expression, communication, media) of the world to whoever he wants.

To those of you who are still skeptics about this interpretation of the general identity of Mystery Babylon, I would say one thing. Do you have a better, more logical interpretation, that ticks off all the boxes and fits the Scriptural clues?

Some people say “the Catholic church is Babylon”. Well, I wouldn't doubt if it is or will be part of Babylon (not every Catholic individual of course, but high-level Catholic leaders in the last days of this age), but Babylon can’t be only the Catholic church as some people claim, because the Bible makes it clear that Mystery Babylon is not just spiritual, it’s also political and economic. It’s the world’s entire leadership structure. This is why the righteous and all of heaven is going to rejoice so much when it falls – because the evil creeps who currently run the world for Satan are going to finally get what they deserve.

Mystery Babylon is a harlot, which means she is the counterpart and counterfeit of the bride of Christ, who will rule the world with Him spiritually, politically, and economically in the next age.

OK, now, before we try to get into the specifics of exactly who Babylon is (where she is based geographically), we have to look at another clue – or we’ll get confused.

How We Know Babylon Has Dual Identity

The Bible gives us 4 clear clues which tell us that Babylon doesn’t have just one single identity, but a dual identity, and that these two Babylons actually fall at different times.

The first clue is the repeated cry of “Fallen, fallen” (Rev. 18:2, Is. 21:9, Rev. 14:8). The Bible repeats this double “fallen” 3 times, as if to say, “Don’t miss this clue!”

The second clue is that in Revelation 19:2-3, the Bible makes it super-clear that there are two separate, distinct celebrations in heaven at the judgment of the harlot Babylon, with the words “And a second time they said, ‘Hallelujah’…” Combined with the repeated “fallen, fallen”, this is a clear indication that there are two falls, at two different times.

The third clue is that the Bible mentions a Mother Babylon (Rev. 17:5), and a Daughter Babylon (Zech. 2:7, Psalm 137:8). Mother and Daughter can’t be the same thing. A mother and a daughter are not the same person. They have the same blood and the same values and are of the same family, but they are distinct from each other.

The fourth clue validates the other three - the Bible mentions TWO separate, distinct "falls of Babylon". One is in Revelation 18, which describes Babylon being destroyed by fire in one hour. The other is in Revelation 16:17-20, which describes Babylon being destroyed by a great earthquake and splitting into three parts. Simple logic tells us these events cannot be the same. They must be two different cities/places destroyed at different times in different ways.

Each of these four clues by themselves might be enough for us to conclude that Babylon has a dual identity. But all four of them put together leave no doubt. In His classic “too hard for the casual reader to figure out, but clear enough for the die-hard truth detective to figure out”, God is letting us know that Babylon has a dual identity – Mother and Daughter – and that their falls will be distinct and will occur at different times.

Next Step: Figure Out Who Mother Babylon Is, and Who Daughter Babylon Is

The next step is to figure out who Mother Babylon is and who Daughter Babylon is. I lay out the clues, and describe how they lead us clearly and logically to the exact identities of Mother and Daughter Babylon, in my book End Times Explained (see below to purchase or learn more, and also see my note below about why I charge for some of my information).

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