The Revelation Beast Lives!
The Most Likely Living
Antichrist Candidate

The Revelation Beast May Be Alive Today, by John Lilley

Excerpt from the E-Book End Times Explained by John Lilley

There is a man alive on earth today who already fits more of the literal Biblical criteria for being the antichrist than any man in history. I don’t know 100% for sure whether he is the antichrist, but given the fact that for the first time in history the technological capability exists to implement and enforce the mark of the beast, combined with many other signs that we could be very near to the end of this age, it is certainly worth watching this man’s activities carefully (Lk. 21:36).

Below I’m going to list many of the Biblical criteria that identify the antichrist and how this man fulfills them.

How One Modern Man Astoundingly Fills Many Biblical Antichrist Criteria

1. His first name’s literal meaning is “man”. In Revelation 13:18 where the Bible speaks of the antichrist saying “his number is the number of a man”, you could replace the word “man” with his first name, and the meaning of the verse would not change at all.

2. The number of his name is 666. (Rev. 13:18) If this man handed you a business card, you would see his official name. This name, when calculated using the ancient Hebrew gematria adapted to English by using a natural one-to-one sequential mapping of the Hebrew alphabet values to the English alphabet (where aleph or A is 1, bet or B is 2, gimel or C is 3, yod or J is 10, kaf or K is 20, and so on), comes to 666. This is astounding in and of itself. There is no twisting or stretching to reach this number when connected to this man’s official name (as must be done with other antichrist candidates). As if that weren't astounding enough, this man's name in Hebrew (the ancient Israelites were the first God-serving people to use gematria) as it is used in Israeli newspapers ALSO comes to 666.

This was first discovered by a man who created a computer program that used gematria to calculate the number of different world leaders’ names, and was astounded to see the man of whom I speak in this article pop up with a calculation of 666 not only in English (this man’s main language and the primary language of the world) but also in Hebrew as it is used in Israeli newspapers.

It is also significant that the number 666 is “calculated” using gematria with this man’s name as the Bible says, not just “added” as in the case of people who used to say Ronald Reagan was the antichrist because his first, middle, and last names each had six letters. Needless to say, the statistical chance of a prominent world leader’s official name being calculated and producing the number 666 is beyond miniscule. Yet this man’s name, when calculated, comes to 666 without any creative twisting or stretching needed at all - not only in English, but also in Hebrew.

Again, the fact that it comes to 666 in Hebrew as well as English is significant because not only does it come to 666 in this man's native language, it also does so in the original Hebrew gematria. It would make perfect sense for God to use this "double reveal" for those who calculate the number of the Revelation beast. It could serve as a tremendous confirmation, because it goes without saying that the odds of this "double 666" (in the man's native langauage and in the original Hebrew gematria) occurring by chance for the official name of any world leader (there are really not that many powerful world leaders) are almost unfathomably miniscule.

3. He is of the Merovingian bloodline – the word “Merovingian” is derived from two French words meaning “sea” and “beast”. Read Rev. 13:1 and you’ll see why this is so significant.

4. He is a literal prince who is in line to become a literal king. The Bible calls the antichrist both “prince” and “king”, which rules out 99.999999999999999999999% of the world’s population as candidates to be the antichrist. Also, Daniel 11:31 says that when he first comes to power the honor of kingship will not yet have been conferred upon him. This also tells us he is a literal prince.

5. He fulfills Revelation 17:10-11 perfectly in that he will be “an eighth king and one of the seven kings” spoken of in that verse. According to the World Book Encyclopedia, there were seven emperors of the Holy Roman Empire with the same first name as this man. His lineage chart shows that he is descended, through his father, from the fifth emperor of the Holy Roman Empire with his first name, of the House of Hapsburg. This man is the eighth and, by his lineage, he is also of the seven.

6. His official heraldic achievement perfectly matches the Biblical end times antichrist “beast” symbolism. Each member of royalty in this man’s country has his/her own unique heraldic achievement (crest full of rich symbolism). This man’s heraldic achievement shows a lion-like beast standing on two feet like a man, exactly as described in Daniel 7:4. Look closely and you’ll see that this lion-like beast has bear-like feet and a leopard-like body (the Biblical word “leopard” doesn’t necessarily mean a spotted leopard), but a very lion-like head and mouth. All of this matches up perfectly with Revelation 13 and Daniel 7.

7. He has sons. (Is. 14:21) This may seem insignificant, but it’s one more fulfilled antichrist criteria to add to this man’s resume. And it’s not as useless a qualifier as it seems at first glance; think about it – any man who has no children, only daughters, or only one son, cannot be the antichrist. The man of whom I speak in this article has two sons. (By the way, the Biblical prophecy about the antichrist’s sons declares that they will come to nothing.)

8. He said of the woman who at the time could legitimately have been called the most desirable (and most famous) woman in the world, “I have no desire for her”. This perfectly fulfills the Bible’s prophecy about the antichrist in Daniel 11:37. Keep in mind that although this verse is often translated “he will show no regard for…the desire of women”, scholars say a better modern translation would be “he will show no regard for…the most desirable of women”.

9. The woman I mentioned in the point above, who certainly knew him well enough to know, said of him and his family, “They’re not human.” See my article The Weirdest Truth In the Bible in the More Questions section of this site to find out why the Bible may indicate that the antichrist is not fully human.

Please realize this is not nearly a complete list of the Biblical criteria for the antichrist which this man fulfills literally, to a tee.

Below I list some additional non-Biblical criteria that may point to this man being the antichrist:

10. He was the first man to volunteer himself (and his sons) to be implanted with the RFID chip. The RFID chip is an obvious precursor to the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast will be a literal mark, just like the Bible says – my guess is it will be a barcode of some kind, simply because it would be much easier to stamp billions of people with a simple barcode than to do minor surgery on them to implant a chip. (Or, it could be a chip that leaves a mark after it is implanted.) Implementation of the mark of the beast will obviously require the antichrist to have extensive cooperation with international bankers (who control the creation and flow of cashless money) – connections which this man certainly has. Besides the fact that already only a tiny percentage of the money in circulation is cash, it is interesting to note that the premiere cashless smartcard system is called Mondex. It was started in 1993 by this man’s royal family’s personal bank, NATWEST. The name Mondex is derived from the words “monetary” and “dexter”. Everybody knows what “monetary” means. “Dexter”, according to Webster’s Dictionary, means “belonging to or on the right hand”. Robin O’Kelly of Mondex International is quoted as saying "This is the final stage in becoming a global reality”.

11. He is in a position to one day, unbeknownst to most of the world’s population, legally control or even own most of the world’s resources while still being able to claim to the world that he is just a servant who is trying to help. This tremendous position of power comes by virtue of his birthright, which in the future will give him technically legal power over a private corporation/city (similar to Washington D.C.) from which the world’s banking, business, and law is largely controlled. You’ll instantly know or be able to easily find out which city/corporation I’m referring to once I reveal his identity in a moment.

12. He is one of the most well connected men in the world to money and power. He has tremendous connections to the world’s top decision-makers in every arena – politics, business, royalty, banking, etc. His Rolodex is a “Who’s Who” of “Who Runs the World”. Of the approximately few thousand people who run the world it is not a stretch to say that a very high percentage of them have met this man, and many of them interact with him or one of the many organizations he has founded or is involved with, in some capacity.

13. He is the most powerful leader in the “sustainable business” movement which uses “global warming” as an excuse to centralize decisions (taking decision-making power away from local elected officials and giving it to globalist unelected mega-rich businessmen). I will not expound on this further, you can research it later if you like.

14. He has been spoken of by European royalty as the future “philosopher king” who will rule the world. A member of the European royal bloodline “club” (someone who is related to most of the European royalty) and this man’s 3rd cousin, King Constantine of Greece, called this man our future “philosopher king” on Larry King’s April 17, 2002 show. He said, “that’s a man who will be, in my opinion, the philosopher king when his time comes”, and a moment later, he repeated it: “I do believe he will be the personification of what I call the philosopher king.”

This is a tremendously significant statement coming from European royalty. Why? Well, the term “philosopher king” comes from Plato, who was, has been, and is a tremendous influence on occult philosophy and especially on occultist leaders (like many European royalty) down through the years. The meaning behind the term is basically a concept expounded by Plato: “The people of the world are stupid and don’t know what’s best for them, so they need smart people (‘philosopher kings’) to lead them.” Modern occult leaders expand this idea to “eventually the ideal would be for one man, the ultimate ‘philosopher king’, to rule the world with/for us, with complete unopposed power”.

Of course, all of this is just code for “we mega-elite are super-selfish occultists with nothing better to do than figure out how to increase our power and wealth until no one else on earth ever has any hope of opposing us or taking away or reducing our power and wealth in any way, and our ultimate Lucifer-inspired goal is to see a single world leader arise to rule the world unopposed with our power to keep the masses forever as our slaves”. (See Luke 4:5-6.) My point is, the man European royalty call the future “philosopher king” is the man the Bible calls “the antichrist”.

15. He is a pagan occultist creep. (Luke 4:5-6, 2 Cor. 4:4) So is his entire family of blood relatives. I’ll leave it to you to research this on your own later if you so desire. (To give you just one small example of the evil legacy this man carries on, his father said that if he were to be reincarnated he would like to come back as a virus to help solve the world’s overpopulation problem. If you think the world is so overpopulated, why don’t you volunteer to die of a virus first to lead the way, you sick creep?)

16. He is extremely famous and (behind the scenes) very powerful and power hungry, but is perceived by the masses as “wimpy” and unambitious. He also strongly contradicts the typical “young macho” stereotype of the antichrist portrayed by doctrinally flawed (see my articles on the rapture) popular end times books and movies. This is perfect – if you’re Satan!

I reveal the man of whom I speak in my new book End Times Explained.

There’s one more thing you should know about this man. He’s over 60 years old. The end of this age may be very near, my friends. Of course, people all down through history have thought the end might come within their lifetimes, but consider this…Never before has the technology existed to implement the mark of the beast and worldwide government (see Dan. 12:4), and never before has there been a man who fits the literal Biblical criteria for being the antichrist so perfectly.

Again, I can’t tell you 100% for sure that this man is the antichrist, but put it this way: if I was a betting man I wouldn’t hesitate to put some money on it.

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