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A Revelation Timeline That's Easy To Read and Understand, In Chronological Story Form, by John Lilley

An excerpt from the book End Times Explained by John Lilley

The goal of this Revelation timeline is to be an easy-to-understand list/overview of the major events that will occur during the last days of this age, and the order in which they will occur.

The timeline starts with "The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, which began to ride in the past but still affect our present, and will affect our future as well. The full timeline, contained in my book End Times Explained, will take you all the way through the end of this age and the return of Jesus Christ to rule over the world. In this article we will start in the relatively recent past (the last few hundred years) and move into the present with The 4 Horsemen, and then give you a glimpse of the first major worldwide traumatic event that is on God's end time "schedule".

John's Easy-To-Understand Revelation Timeline In Story Form

God has given us the "7 Seals, then 7 Trumpets, then 7 Bowls" in clear chronological order (with a few out-of-chronology interludes thrown in) to give us a chronological hook on which to hang all Biblical end times prophecy. We start with the Seven Seals. The first four Seals are commonly known as "The Four Horsemen", and they have already begun to ride.

Revelation 6:1-8 outlines The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the first four of the Seven Seals of Revelation. What most people don’t know is that there is a parallel passage in the Zechariah 6:1-8 that sheds much light on this passage in Revelation and how it has been (and is being) played out in the modern world. You can read my article "John’s Seven Seals Revelation Explained" in the End Times Explained section of this site for the details and logic about the meaning of the four horsemen. The basic idea of it is this:

The 1st Seal, the white horseman is a counterfeit religious and political system that (although the earth has had deception-based religious/political systems throughout most of its history) arose in its modern incarnation in the middle ages, still rules the earth today, and will reach its climax in the reign of the antichrist. It is a counterfeit of Jesus riding on a white horse who will bring both a righteous/just religious system and a righteous/just political system of world rulership in the future when He forcibly defeats the antichrist’s armies and begins to reign over the earth.

The 2nd Seal, the red horseman took (and is taking) peace from the earth through the rise of 2 (or 3) movements commonly associated with the color red: Islam and Communism (and the Nazis of WWII could be included as well). Please note that the verse doesn’t say this horseman took all peace from the earth (in other words this horseman did not necessarily bring continuous worldwide war, just a significant amount of war).

The 3rd Seal, the black horseman is an exploitative financial system (unfair scales) known as “central and fractional reserve banking” that (although the rich and powerful have exploited humanity throughout its history) arose in its modern incarnation three to four hundred years ago, still rules the earth today, and will reach its climax in the reign of the antichrist with the mark of the beast.

This financial system causes unnecessary inflation, which means things constantly get less and less affordable for the masses as their buying power is transferred to the elite in the form of interest and tax payments. (Taxes and debt/interest are virtually unnecessary in a good money system, but the masses have been propagandized to believe they are a normal part of life – see my #5 Little-Known Key To Understanding the Book of Revelation.)

This inflation/interest/tax theft which causes the masses’ buying power to be constantly reduced is a continuous dynamic in the modern world, but it is likely that at some point it will get even much worse than it is now, to the point where food in particular is very expensive. Other items may not get so expensive; the Bible points out food specifically as getting outrageously expensive. (For an interesting reason this might occur with food prices, see my article John’s SEVEN SEALS Revelation Explained.)

The 4th Seal, the pale/green/dappled horse is the extensive death caused by war, famine, and disease in southern hemisphere regions, especially Africa. (See my article John’s Seven Seals Revelation Explained to discover how Zechariah 6 reveals this horse was sent to the southern hemisphere in particular). Please note, this passage does not say one quarter of the earth’s population dies from the effects of this horse, rather it says this horseman was given authority over one fourth of the earth (about ¼ of the earth’s land surface) – which matches up perfectly with what we see in the world today.

So that covers the past and the present and leads us into the future.

The 5th Seal, the martyrs crying out (Rev. 6:9-11) is an event we do not know the exact timing of, other than the obvious fact that it occurs between the 4th and 6th Seals. It doesn’t really matter that we don’t know its exact timing because it does not really affect us on earth, other than to tell us that more Christians will be martyred after this, and that at this point in history God has not yet begun to avenge the blood of the martyrs.

It’s interesting that the 5th Seal is a kind of “pause” before the 6th Seal, which together with the chapter 7 pause/interlude after the 6th Seal, highlights the importance of the 6th Seal. This is not the only strategically-placed pause in the Book of Revelation. Another, for example, is at the 7th Trumpet, where all sorts of “asides” and additional details are given. I believe God gave us these strategically-located pauses in Revelation to mark extremely important turning points.

The rest of this Easy-To-Understand Revelation Timeline is contained fully in my book End Times Explained. But I will give you a bit of information here about the 6th Seal because it highlights the importance of knowing what is coming on the earth, especially the 6th Seal and onwards.

The 6th Seal will be known as "the end of the world as we know it". Because it will be such a drastic event, and because it will be the first massively traumatic worldwide event which will “kick off” the end of the end times, so to speak, God has made a way of escape for the wise among His people, which will enable them to escape not only the 6th Seal, but eventually the persecution of the antichrist as well. This is not an “ultimate salvation” issue, just a “comfort/safety in the end times” issue. Most believers will be blindsided by the 6th Seal, but a few wise ones will know where to go and what to do before it occurs.

At some point before the 6th Seal, the wise will travel to God’s designated location to escape its effects – and in that location (a location clearly given in Scripture) they will be in perfect position to move to another nearby location (also clearly given in Scripture) where they will be protected from the antichrist. You can read about this way of escape - and the rest of my Easy-To-Understand Revelation Timeline, in my new book End Times Explained.

The book includes the rest of my Easy-To-Understand Revelation Timeline in “this will happen, then this…” story form – a logically provable explanation of virtually every passage in Revelation.

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