John's Seven Seals Revelation -

The Apostle John's Seven Seals Revelation Explained Logically In Simple Language, by John Lilley

Excerpt from the book End Times Explained by John Lilley

The Seven Seals of Revelation are divided into three sections:

First, the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, who began to ride in the past, still affect our present, and will affect our future as well; then the 5th Seal, which occurs outside the realm of human perception; and finally the 6th Seal, which will essentially be “the end of the world as we know it”. (The 7th Seal, of course, merely kicks off the 7 Trumpets.)

Let’s talk about the 5th Seal first, since it’s the simplest; then I’ll explain the "Four Horsemen" (the first four Seals) and the 6th Seal.

The 5th Seal

The 5th Seal of Revelation happens outside the realm of human perception. It’s recorded in Revelation 6:9-11, where we see that the souls of the martyrs “wake up” temporarily (see my article What Really Happens When You Die.) Using the literal grammatical-historical interpretation (or LGH) method, the only reliable method for interpreting Scripture accurately (see my book End Times Explained), we would assume this will literally happen. Some might argue there is a possibility it is a “picture” God shows John to send us a message. In this case it doesn’t really matter whether it is a literal event or a “picture” God shows John to send us a message, because even if it is a literal event, there is no indication that anyone on earth will be aware of it when it happens.

The 5th Seal doesn’t really affect us that much, so why would God even bother telling us about it? I believe He included it to let us know a few things – that martyrs throughout history are very near and dear to His heart, that He is very aware of the need for the blood of the martyrs to be avenged, and that at this point in history it “seems like it’s been a long time” to wait for this justice.

Another important point God wants us to gather from the 5th Seal revelation is that at this point in history (before the 6th Seal) there are still more believers to be martyred. Indeed, this seems to be the main point of the passage since it is the reasoning given to the martyred souls that they must wait a little bit longer.

Also, please note, this event does not contradict the fact that death = unconsciousness (or as Jesus, Paul, the OT, and this passage itself call it, “sleep”). The souls in this passage are told to sleep a little while longer, which tells us they were asleep before this event, and only “woke up” or became conscious temporarily to complain about the fact that God had not avenged their blood yet.

Ok, now let’s talk about the 4 Horsemen of Revelation.

The First 4 Seals (The 4 Horsemen)

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse began in the past but still affect the present, and will affect our future as well. They are outlined in Rev. 6:1-8, as the first four of the Seven Seals of Revelation. What most people don’t know is that there is a parallel passage in Zechariah 6:1-8 that sheds much light on this passage in Revelation and how it has been (and is being) played out in the modern world. I suggest you have your Bible with you so you can flip back and forth between the two passages as you read this article.

There is extremely valuable additional information we can learn from the Zechariah passage that confirms the exact logical meaning of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. So let’s look at the Four Horsemen of Revelation in light of this passage.

The 1st Seal, the white horseman is a counterfeit religious and political system that (although the earth has had deception-based religious/political systems throughout most of its history) arose in its modern incarnation in the middle ages. It is a counterfeit of Jesus riding on a white horse who will bring both a religious and political system of world rulership in the future.

How can we arrive at that conclusion? Here’s how:

This passage in Revelation 6:1-2 talks about a rider with a bow on a white horse, and a crown which is given to the rider, after which he went out conquering. Let’s ask the first question demanded by the literal grammatical-historical (LGH) system of interpretation (the only reliable system of interpretation, see my article The #1 Key to Understanding the Book of Revelation): Is there any possible literal interpretation of this passage?

Answer: Not that I know of. I suppose it’s possible that there was a ruler in the past that actually rode a white horse and had a bow, but I don’t know of any. And if this passage was literally referring to just one guy on a horse, the likelihood that this one guy on a horse was important enough for the book of Revelation to mention, but not important enough for any historians to know about, is virtually nil. So now we are forced to move to the 2nd question demanded by LGH (notice we did not just jump to allegory, we are logically forced to do so):

Is there a logical way to prove what the meaning is using a) other Scriptures, b) symbols or expressions familiar to the audience, or c) common sense?

Yes. First of all, most Christians don’t know that there is a parallel passage to the “four horsemen” of Revelation in the Old Testament – Zechariah 6:1-8. In this passage, true to OT prophecy form, the horses are not in chronological order. (Revelation gives us the correct chronology through it’s super-clear use of the Seals/Trumpets/Bowls - with some interludes thrown in to confuse the casual reader while giving the careful student valuable additional information).

Don’t be thrown off by the fact that the parallel passage in Zechariah says “chariots” or “horses” or by the fact that the color of the “green/dappled/pale” horse may not match what you see in Revelation. The “chariots” (which have riders, of course) and horses of Zechariah clearly match up in concept and color with the horses and riders in Revelation, and translators really struggle with the correct color for the 4th horse in the Greek in Revelation – suffice it to say that any of the 3 possible colors has to do with death. So this is clearly a parallel passage to the 1st four Seals of Revelation.

Now, Zechariah’s parallel passage gives us a key piece of information: “These are four spirits of heaven, going forth after standing before the Lord of all the earth.” So, similar to what happened in the book of Job, these “horsemen” are evil spirits which have permission from God to do what they do. We’ll talk more about the passage in Zechariah when we get to the other three horses, because it gives us more important details.

So lets focus again on the white horse. Next, we need to figure out what the color (in this case, white) and the other symbolism means – not just by picking it out of our head, but by looking to the Scriptures and/or popular symbolism the audience (in this case, us, end-times believers) would be familiar with. First, the horse is white – white is almost always associated with purity and righteousness in Scripture as well as in common life. Is this evil spirit bringing righteousness and purity into the world? That doesn’t sound quite right…let’s look at the rest of the symbols for clues.

Next, the rider is given a crown and goes forth to conquer. The symbolism of the crown obviously goes along with the conquering. So this evil spirit is obviously bringing some kind of rulership or authority into the earth. Righteous, pure rulership? I doubt it – we’re still missing something; let’s look at the last piece of symbolism, the bow in the hands of the rider.

What does a bow symbolize in Scripture? Nothing that I know of. However, what does a bow shoot? Arrows. Does the Bible talk about arrows in a symbolic sense anywhere else other than this passage? Yes – the fiery arrows of the evil one (Eph. 6:16)! What are the arrows Satan shoots? Lies! Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44)! All his power comes from deception! Aha! Now the picture’s starting to come clear – could this evil spirit be shooting lies disguised as truth? Could it be bringing a form of rulership and authority into the earth that is based on lies – but which disguises these lies as truth and hides behinds the perception of goodness? Is there anywhere else in Scripture that talks about this? Yes. In Matthew 24 Jesus warned that people would come saying He is the Christ yet deceiving many. Lies hiding behind the truth!

Let’s try to think of anything else in the Bible that this symbolic picture could relate to, to make the meaning super-clear…This rider on a white horse carrying a bow that shoots lies is awfully similar to Christ riding on a white horse carrying a sword of truth in Revelation 19:11-16. The only visible difference between them is that one is carrying a bow that shoots arrows of lies, while the other is carrying a sword of truth. This makes everything super-clear. Jesus, when He comes riding on His white horse with a sword of truth, will establish a righteous, pure, just, and truth-based political and religious system on earth. So this allegorical/symbolic image in Scripture is prophesying the establishment of a particular unrighteous, impure, unjust, lie-based political and religious system on earth.

Notice how “a picture speaks a thousand words” – the picture of the bow-carrying rider on a white horse is the perfect picture (to those who know their Bible) of a counterfeit political and religious system that hides behind the appearance of Christian goodness but tells lies. The Bible itself tells us Satan disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14)!

This is why Satan has not tried to establish a blatantly satanic religion or a blatantly satanic political system on earth, but rather he has established an outwardly Christian and outwardly good political system (first, a political “Godly” pope, which then morphed to “democracy” combined with humanism) and religious system (Catholicism, which was and is a mix of paganism and Christianity, and lately Satan has added and mixed humanism into the minds of the masses as well). This is why our politicians always say “we’re doing our best for you” when the opposite is much closer to the truth. This is why the pope, the Vatican and humanistic science have always said “what we say is the truth” when really it’s a mix of lies and truth – which amounts to a deception. (I’m not saying there are no “saved” Catholics, but you get my point.)

From Jesus’ exhortation in Matthew 24 to “see to it that no one misleads you” we see that it will take purposeful effort for a person not to be deceived by the liars coming in Christ’s name and hiding behind the appearance of “Christian goodness”. So people who do not make the effort to test what their religious and political leaders tell them, will be deceived. Without looking closely to see whether the rider is holding a bow or a sword, both sets of white horse with riders look exactly the same!

What about the timing of this prophecy? When was it fulfilled, or is it still in the future? Since it was written by John as a prophecy of the future, it obviously must be fulfilled after he wrote it. Jesus’ statement in Matthew 24:5-6 makes it clear that when this phenomenon begins it is “not yet the end”. So it must occur between John’s days and “the end” – and it also must to arise before the other 3 “horsemen of the Apocalypse”.

Is there any historical time period that logically fits the bill for the rise of this conquering counterfeit deception-based political and religious system? Absolutely. The rise of the Catholic (pagan/Christian combo) religious/political system in the Middle Ages, which is still active (though it has morphed somewhat to include “democracy” and secular humanism) matches up perfectly with the prophecy of the white horse and its bow-carrying rider.

The counterfeit religious part of the system that arose in fulfillment of the 1st Seal mixes lies with truth. It is also a partial fulfillment of Christ’s prophecy in Matthew 24:5 when He said many would come claiming He is the Christ yet deceiving many. It is the counterfeit Christian movement (rider on a white horse with bow – Satan shoots arrows/lies, see Eph. 6:16 – which is a counterfeit of Christ riding a white horse with the sword of Truth/Spirit). In other words this is Christians and/or people who claim they are Christians, teaching wrong, harmful, and deceptive things about God (some do this on purpose, now many do it unwittingly out of tradition).

This was obviously fulfilled (and is still being fulfilled) primarily by the Catholic church which was formed by the powers-that-be in the Middle Ages to please/control both pagans and Christians. This combination of paganism and Christianity that rules the religious thought of most of the western world, has never had its stranglehold broken – it will not be broken until Jesus returns to rule the earth for 1000 years. The Protestant Reformation weakened it somewhat, but the Protestant Churches it spawned still cling to the pagan doctrines of conscious death and eternal punishment (which are propagated through badly translated English Bibles).

This fundamental, nonsensical blasphemy of God’s nature, plan, expertise, and ability, causes most of the world to either be confused about God or reject Him altogether. I believe God is allowing this because if the true message taught by the accurately-translated Bible, that God has a great plan for all mankind, were to be preached widely worldwide, it’s appeal to the human heart is so strong that it would catch on to the point where the antichrist could not succeed in the future. (Read my articles in the Hell Mistranslation section of the website to see why God will allow the antichrist to succeed temporarily.)

A counterfeit political system is the other part of the fulfillment of the white horse prophecy. The political aspect of this was made necessary in the beginning of the Middle Ages (from the satanically-handpicked world leaders’ point of view, see Luke 4:5-6) by the fact that Christianity was shaking the world. These Christians could not be controlled – they would rather die in the Coliseum than submit to evil, worship pagan gods, or worship their political leaders as gods (these had always been Satan’s world leaders’ primary methods of controlling the masses throughout history). Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Thus the Catholic church/state, a pagan/Christian religion-based power base, was conceived by the powers-that-be (the word “catholic” means universal – they said, “We’re gonna please everybody, pagans and Christians” (so as to have power over them and get them to submit to us without rebelling).

The idea of the pope as the “leader of the church, therefore you must submit without question to what he says or risk eternal damnation” replaced the idea of a “political-leader-god, therefore you must submit without question to what he says or risk eternal damnation”. It was the same political/pagan-religious system that had always existed on earth, except now it was combined with elements of Christianity.

Over the last couple hundred years this political system has morphed from being money-based power (as it always was) using religion as a tool to make the masses submit, to money-based power using the illusion of democracy to make the masses submit. This change was brought on when Satan introduced evolution and humanism into the world as the ideological precursor to the secular/antichrist-god New World Order known in the Bible as the one-world government reign of the antichrist, which essentially will require man to worship himself – and the antichrist as the ultimate man – rather than God. It was necessary to simultaneously introduce “separation of church and state” in order to encourage large portions of the masses to abandon God altogether, so as to eventually put the antichrist (the ultimate man) as god on a pedestal.

Despite this slight shift in strategy from Satan’s exploitative money-political-power hiding behind religion, to hiding behind “democracy”, it is still the same political and religious monster. The vast majority of political righties and lefties, atheists/evolutionists, Catholics, and even many Christians are clueless that the rider of the political and religious white horse they support (regardless of political party affiliation) is carrying a bow of lies, not a sword of truth. They don’t realize that their politicians and religious leaders are telling them so many lies, and they will be sitting ducks and putty in the antichrists’ hand when the end of the world as we know it hits (the 6th Seal of Revelation – keep reading).

You see, if you were to briefly glance at a rider on a white horse from afar, you would not be able to discern whether the rider had a bow (of lies) or a sword (of truth). Only by looking closely and carefully could you tell the difference. Most people don’t do that. The whole Western world is still under the sway of this deception-based political and religious system because, as Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 2:10, they do not love the truth enough to question and test what their political and religious leaders tell them.

Before we move on to the 2nd Seal, let me mention one more thing about the white horse which is revealed to us by the parallel passage in Zechariah 6:1-8. This passage tells us another thing the Revelation version doesn’t – that the white horse goes “to the land of the north”, or the northern hemisphere. If we look at history, sure enough – this counterfeit religious/political system arose in the northern hemisphere (Europe) and has been run from the northern hemisphere during its entire time in power.

OK, on to the 2nd Seal, the red horse.

Let’s interpret the 2nd Seal, the red horseman of Revelation 6:3-4, using the same logical LGH system of interpretation we used to decipher the white horseman. We’ve already seen from Zechariah that these horsemen are symbolic of spirits, and that the color of the horse and the other details in the two passages (Zechariah 6 and Revelation 6) are clues that will help us logically decipher their meaning.

First of all, we notice that the red horse/spirit is the only one where Zechariah does not specify a certain hemisphere in which it primarily operates. This tells us that the red spirit is not limited to either the northern or southern hemisphere.

Next, what about the color red? When He does use symbolism in Scripture, God always uses symbolism that the intended audience (in this case us, end-time believers) could easily understand. Let’s not get too complicated here – let’s look at the obvious. Are there any movements that

a) have brought much war and killing into the earth,

b) are associated with the color red, and

c) arose after the Catholic religious/political system (since Revelation gives us the chronological order with its Seals/Trumpets/Bowls, the red horse must arise after the white horse)?

Absolutely. I can think of at least two, even three. Can you guess which ones I’m thinking of? I’m thinking of Islam, Communism, and Nazism. Simple.

So the 2nd Seal, the red horseman took (and is taking) peace from the earth through two (or three) movements commonly associated with the color red: Islam and Communism (and the Nazis of WWII could be included as well). Please note that the verse doesn’t say this horseman took all peace from the earth (in other words this horseman did not necessarily bring continuous worldwide war, just a significant amount of war.

Also note the word “and” in the second part of Revelation 6:4, which tells us that “taking peace from the earth” does not necessarily only mean war – it also could mean taking peace from men’s hearts (such as is and was the case in many Communist countries where the people are brutally oppressed, are/were always wondering if their neighbors were spying on them, often don’t know where their next meal will come from, etc.)

Good enough. Let’s move on to the 3rd Seal, the rider on a black horse with a pair of balances (or scales) in his hand.

We know what to do to interpret this, so let’s do it. First of all, Zechariah tells us that this horse went to the “land of the north” – so we need to look for a movement that arose out of the northern hemisphere. Next, we know that this movement had to arise after the earliest incarnation of the red horse (Islam).

The key to the black horse seems to be the pair of balances or scales which obviously cause inflation (expensive goods, especially the basics of life, specifically food). I think it’s significant that God makes sure we know there is not just one scale, but two. If the only thing God is trying to get across is that food is going to get expensive, why not just tell us about one scale to measure the expensive food? Why two scales?

There must be a reason for this. There is something about these two scales that causes inflation to the point where eventually, food in particular gets extremely expensive. We may not yet have reached the point where food is this expensive, but the Bible makes it clear that a) it eventually will get this expensive, and b) the system of scales that causes inflation came into existence after Islam but before the 4th horse (which as we will see, is famine, disease, and war in the southern hemisphere – something that has already commenced).

So in other words, the black horse is some type of system that causes inflation using two scales and is already in existence. What could that be?

Well, let’s work backwards. Let’s think about prices going up, specifically food prices going up. The first thing that comes to my mind is that the inflation rate is measured by a basket of goods, much of which is made up by food items. So food is actually used to measure inflation. Ok, the next question that comes to my mind is, “What causes inflation?” What causes prices to go up anyway? Why does everything have to get less and less affordable? (It’d be one thing if wages went up as fast as prices, but that doesn’t happen, prices go up faster than wages for the common man – which is why our lifestyles in the U.S., for example, over the last many decades have only been sustained by increased debt as our buying power steadily decreases).

So what causes inflation (the basics of life getting less affordable, the buying power of the masses decreasing)?

You want to know the answer? In a word, unfair scales. Most people are under the impression that “inflation is normal”. It’s not. It’s unnecessary. It’s caused by unfair scales. If you study the world’s money system, you see that there’s actually one system for measuring and deciding “how much money the masses get in their hands to keep and spend” and a completely different system for measuring and deciding “how much money the elite class gets in their hands to keep and spend”. Unfair scales.

The system for getting money into the hands of the elite class is called central banking. It is a mechanism by which the elite (especially international banking families, but also benefitting many other members of the elite class who cooperate with them) create money out of thin air and give it to themselves. They get to keep the money they give to themselves, of course. And as if that weren’t enough, they also do it in such a way that the need for a federal income tax suddenly and artificially exists – to transfer even more money from the hands of the masses to the hands of the elite. (To put it another way, virtually all taxes would be unnecessary if there were no central banking and a good, righteous money system was used instead.)

This is why central banking and the federal income tax were pushed through Congress in the same year by the same relative-by-marriage of one of the top international banking families.

The system for getting money into the hands of the masses is called fractional reserve banking. It is a mechanism by which the elite (primarily international banking families) create money out of nothing and lend it to the masses at interest. Needless to say, the masses do not get to keep this money, but must constantly give back to the elite more money than they were given in the first place.

I simply don’t have time here to explain the details of the world’s satanic, evil money system, but suffice it to say that it is a system of two unfair scales (or differing systems for measuring how much money the elite and the masses get in their hands to keep) which cause inflation (the buying power of the masses constantly going down and their debt constantly going up to make up the difference) while the wealth of the elite goes up steadily and exponentially as the buying power of the masses is transferred to them in the form of interest and tax payments, and as the elite create money out of nothing and give it to themselves. (Also see my article the #5 Little-Known Key To Understanding the Book of Revelation.)

This interpretation also matches up perfectly with the commonly known symbolic meaning of the color black. The color black as a symbol in Scripture and in common human knowledge is associated with darkness, secrecy, and evil. These are adjectives which readily apply to our modern worldwide “central and fractional reserve banking” money system. In short, it is an evil exploitative scam, and just like any scam, it only works because the people who get exploited don’t understand they’re being scammed. People today think that being up to your eyeballs in debt for your house and your car and paying exorbitant taxes to boot, is “normal”, when in reality it’s a completely ridiculous state of affairs.

When Jesus rules the earth in the millennium there will be virtually no debt, there will certainly be no taxes, and the people’s buying power (on the whole) will never go down. In my book End Times Explained I explain the two simple games the elite play with money, and how in the next age (the millennium) a simple, good money system run by benevolent leaders (Jesus at the head) will easily produce prosperity beyond most people’s ability to imagine.

So the 3rd Seal, the black horseman is an exploitative financial system (unfair scales) known as “central and fractional reserve banking” that (although the rich and powerful have exploited humanity throughout its history) arose in its modern incarnation three to four hundred years ago (primarily through the Rothschild family), still rules the earth today, and will reach its climax in the reign of the antichrist with the mark of the beast. This financial system causes unnecessary inflation, which means things constantly get less and less affordable for the masses as their buying power is transferred to the elite in the form of interest and tax payments.

This is a continuous dynamic in the modern world, but the Bible seems to say that at some point this will get even much worse than it is now, to the point where food in particular is very expensive. (Although as I said, inflation is a continuous dynamic, items other than food or grains may not get quite so expensive; the Bible points out food specifically – and specifically grains – as getting outrageously expensive).

Before we move on to the 4th Seal there is one more thing we need to interpret from the 3rd Seal – the phrase “do not touch/hurt the oil and the wine”. First of all, the oil the Bible would be referring to is almost surely not black oil (known only in modern times), but rather olive oil. So how do we interpret this phrase? God obviously went out of his way to include this phrase for our benefit.

There are two possible interpretations of this passage in my mind. The first simply recognizes the fact that oil and wine, both in Bible days and in modern times, are luxury items, and therefore the Bible may simply be pointing out that the rich elite will not be hurting at all and will still be able to afford their luxury items while the common man is struggling to afford the basics of life like outrageously-priced food. (In this Satan-ruled age – see Luke 4:5-6 – Satan’s handpicked elite always prosper regardless of how badly the masses suffer, and usually because the elite are exploiting the masses.)

The second possible interpretation is intriguing, and honestly I don’t feel like an expert on it, so you may want to do some more research on your own about it. It involves the recent phenomenon of bees dying off by the billions. Most people don’t realize that bees are extremely important to our food supply because they pollinate many crops. As the former president of the Georgia Beekeepers Association said in a report on Atlanta’s local NBC news website,, “For every three mouthfuls of food we consume, bees are responsible for one directly, the other two indirectly".

In other words, disappearing bees could quite possibly cause food to become more scarce – and hence food prices would rise significantly. Interestingly, it seems that bees are not nearly as responsible for the pollination of olive trees and grapes (for wine) as they are for other food crops.

There’s another interesting twist to this “bee” thing. The disappearance of all these bees, according to mainstream media, is a total mystery. However, many people say it is due to “chemtrails” – the stuff constantly (and purposefully, I’m not talking about jet liners, I’m talking about small planes dedicated to this purpose) being sprayed out of planes flying overhead on a daily basis.

You can research chemtrails for yourself, I’m not going to get into it in detail here, but suffice it to say that many people claim what is being sprayed on us is very harmful (some have done tests and found Barium, etc.) and that because of the contents of the spray, the purpose of this spraying must be different than what the government is officially saying. (The pilots themselves may not even know what they’re really spraying on us – they just load up and spray. Even if they are told they’re spraying one thing, are they chemical experts? Have they tested the liquid being loaded on their planes? Do they really even know what they’re spraying?).

Some may scoff at allegations that the “powers that be” would do such a thing on purpose, but please remember, from a Biblical perspective that recognizes that the world’s leaders are handpicked by Satan (see Luke 4:5-6), we cannot assume that the government is acting in our best interest – and in fact we must assume the opposite is often the case.

The last weird thing I’ll tell you about this is… (cue the spooky music)… the 5 dollar bill (and the 20 as well I believe) recently underwent a curious design change: clouds and little yellow “5”s (or "20"s) that look an awful lot like bees were added to the sky in the picture on the bill. For the scoffers, I would like to simply ask “Why on earth would such a design change be made? What possible ‘normal’ reason would there be to make a design change like that?” Give me a better reason before you scoff too much. I’m not saying I believe any old conspiracy theory, I’m simply saying it’s important to do as the Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 and “test everything”, not just discard ideas at first hearing.

We also should keep in mind that the people who create our money out of nothing, international banking families (some who are proven Luciferians, like the Rothschilds who changed their family name to “red shield” because of the occult red symbol on their doorway that meant Lucifer was protecting their family) are those primarily responsible for the system of unfair scales that causes inflation. Their occult symbolism is already all over the dollar bill, etc. Is it possible that these handpicked servants of Satan (see Luke 4:5-6) who for all practical purposes run the world for Satan through the practical power of money, are purposefully killing off bees, knowing that it will devastate the food supply and cause food prices to skyrocket – which they can profit from immensely because they know it will happen beforehand? Will it be just another scam like the dozens they’ve already pulled off (which you can learn about by studying the history of our economy from a non-mainstream/satanic-elite-protecting source) in the last few centuries (like the Great Depression, for example, which devastated the masses but massively enriched the few elite who knew what was going to happen beforehand)?

I don’t know for sure. But I did want to mention that possibility in this article. By the way, one simple way you could protect yourself somewhat from such a possibility is by putting some of your investment/retirement money in a food commodities or grains ETF (you can buy it like a stock), which would rise in value along with grain prices. (It might not rise quite as much as food prices themselves, for a reason having to do with the nature of grain commodity ETFs which I won’t get into here, but it would almost certainly rise enough to lessen the pain of high food prices for you at least somewhat.)

I’m not sure which one of the two interpretations I just described for the “oil and wine” phrase is correct. It’s possible that both are correct. Either way, it’s definitely something to keep a look out for and prepare for as God gives you wisdom, because although the system that causes inflation has been in place for many years now, it seems to me that food prices have not yet reached the level described by Scripture (a quart of wheat for a days wages! Ouch!) – at least not commonly, worldwide, which the Scripture seems to imply.

Now let’s move on to the 4th Seal, the pale/green/dappled horse. The obvious things we can see from the passages in Zechariah and Revelation are that this spirit brings much death caused by famine, disease, and war in southern hemisphere regions.

Please note, this passage does not say one quarter of the earth’s population dies from the effects of this horse, rather it says this horseman was given authority over one fourth of the earth (about ¼ of the earth’s land surface) – which matches up pretty well with what we see in the world today. Most of the world’s 3rd-world countries, which obviously take the brunt of this spirit’s work, are in the southern hemisphere. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this has at least partially been fulfilled in 3rd world countries of the southern hemisphere, especially in Africa.

Although it is clear that this spirit began its primary work after the modern banking system was conceived, I am not sure if we have seen the full measure of its work yet. There may be (and probably will be) more devastation through disease, famine, and war to come in the southern hemisphere 3rd-world nations. It’s something to keep an eye out for.

The last thing I feel compelled to explain about the 4 Horsemen is Zechariah 6:8 where God declares that the spirits who go to the northern hemisphere (the white and black horses) “caused My spirit to rest in the land of the north”. Obviously God is not talking about the Holy Spirit falling in power because of the work of these evil spirits, but rather He’s saying “the work of these spirits gives My Spirit rest”. In other words, God was agitated for some reason, and the work of these evil spirits lessens His agitation. Weird! At least it seems that way to us!

It seems to me (feel free to disagree with me or post your insights here on my website if you think you have a better or more logical explanation) that the rise of deceptive and exploitative political, religious, and economic systems (the work of the white and black horses) somehow gives modern Western/northern humanity what they deserve. (Thank God that in the next two ages and beyond God’s mercy kicks in much more with the earthly reign of the benevolent Christ!)

You see, modern western and northern humanity have been greatly blessed in many ways (because they are descendants of Abraham, not because they are better than anyone else, research this on your own). We are also those who have had the greatest access to the light – the Word of God. Yet we’ve largely squandered these blessings and have turned largely to sin and lukewarmness.

So it’s almost as if God said “it’s not right for them to be blessed too much in this age, therefore I’m going to allow/send these evil spirits to the northern hemisphere to introduce exploitation in order to keep their level of blessing in check, and as an eternal testimony for posterity that on the whole they did not love the truth enough to perceive or fight their exploitation by their lying scam artist leaders.” For most people in the relatively prosperous countries of the northern/western world, these exploitative systems basically just restrict our lifestyles and make life harder than it needs to be, but do not (usually) make us destitute (other than in instances like the Great Depression, or the increasing bankruptcies, or for a few who are truly poor and homeless here in the West).

It is quite true that during this age humanity has the leadership they deserve. If people loved the truth (en masse) they would rise up (en masse) and depose our evil exploitative rulers. But instead, the masses love meaningless things like sports (among other things) more than the truth to the point where they know all their favorite team’s stats but have no clue how money comes into existence (the most important natural fact in the world which affects our practical quality of life more than any other thing by far) and don’t even care enough to find out why they are debt slaves, etc.

Therefore God knows it is not right, just, or good for us in the long run to be as greatly blessed in this age as we would be if it were not for the rise of exploitative political, spiritual, and economic systems to keep our blessing in check.

It also may simply be that God wants humanity to try all different kinds of political, religious, and economic systems (everything but His way and His wisdom), so we can see the terrible results in living color and thus never be tempted to try them again. For example, the mixture of paganism and truth known as Catholicism (and its somewhat-better-but-still-pagan-influenced descendant mainstream Christianity) has fooled a huge portion of humanity with a semblance of spirituality through religious church attendance while avoiding the most obvious questions that would let us get to know God’s heart and thoughts. Humanity’s virtually total failure to seek God and ask Him simple questions like “Why hell?” will be an eternal lesson to us about the importance of knowing God’s mind. (I’m not saying mainstream Christians and even some Catholics aren’t “saved”, but you get my point.)

And in the political realm, “democracy” is just another attempt at man ruling himself, and it ends up being just another “money rules all” system that highlights the underlying problem of selfish human nature which man cannot fix by himself and desperately needs God to fix for him. But if God never let us try these good-sounding but destined-to-lose systems, we might later say to Him, “Hey, you never let us try such-and-such!” (See my article God’s Long-Term Plan For Humanity for more details.)

So I've logically explained the first 5 seals using the ultra-reliable "LGH" (literal grammatical-historical) interpretation method. I am going to leave the 6th seal for my other article specifically on the 6th seal ("Wormwood and Planet X: Why A 2012 Conspiracy Isn't Too Far From the Truth", in the End Times Explained section of this website) and my book End Times Explained, which will go into detail on it. For now I'll just let you know that the even that occurs at the 6th Seal will be known as "the end of the world as we know it."

Thanks for reading.

- John Lilley

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