Signs of the End Times:
3 Undeniable Biblical Indicators That We Are Now Living In the Last Days

Signs of the End Times - 3 Undeniable Biblical Indicators That We Are Now Living In the Last Days, by John Lilley

In this article I will list three Biblical reasons we can know for certain that we are currently living in the last days of this age.

Because of amazingly specific Bible prophecies about the last days of this age, we can tell from Scripture exactly where we are on the “end times” timeline. In my book End Times Explained: 7 Little-Known Keys To Understanding the Book of Revelation I explain exactly where we are and the next major event to occur. We do not know the year or exact time of the next major event, but we do know what it will be and what to watch for.

This article is not going to go into that. We first need to establish for certain that we are indeed in the last days of this age according to Biblical proof rather than speculation.

Here are three Biblical reasons why we know for sure that we are now living in the last days of this age:

Reason #1: Exponential Increase In Knowledge

The Bible clearly states that one of the primary signs of the end of this age would be a great increase in knowledge (Daniel 12:4). Of course throughout history knowledge has slowly and gradually increased. But in the last 100 years knowledge has increased more than in all previous human history combined. There is no question that this massive recent increase in knowledge is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and a sign that we are living in the last days of this age.

It is estimated that mankind’s knowledge now doubles every two years. I recently made a mental list of the greatest inventions of all time – electricity, computers, the telephone, the cellular telephone, the automobile, the airplane, indoor heating and air conditioning, the refrigerator, etc.; the vast majority of these amazing inventions occurred within the last 110 years or so. Only one invention on my list, indoor plumbing, didn’t fall within the last 110 years; and even this was made much more commonly available during this past century.

The pace of change due to technology in the world we live in today is unprecedented in all of history. For thousands of years people lived most of their lives without seeing a single significant breakthrough in technology. But the oldest people alive on earth today, those who have lived about 100 years, have gone from horseback riding to BMWs and airplanes; from reading books in front of the fireplace to hundreds of TV channels beaming live events across the world via satellites orbiting in space; from writing letters to texting or talking anywhere in the world instantly with a little piece of metal in your hand that’s not even connected to anything physically, or watching each other while you talk via Skype, or posting videos that can be seen instantly worldwide.

The technology we have today would seem like the most far-out science fiction imaginable to a person living 150 years ago.

The average person today also has access to a vast amount of information with speed and ease that would be unfathomable even just 100 years ago. Ever heard of “Google”? If you wanted to know something even 20 years ago, you had to go to a library, or personally know somebody who knew about the subject you wanted to learn about! What a pain! Now you just go to Google and three seconds later you have 1,256,892 web pages to read about the subject!

By the way, I believe it was important to God that such easy access to all types of information become available, and the elite’s monopoly on information be broken (before the internet you had to own a newspaper or a TV station if you wanted to reach millions of people, now all you need is a few bucks to start a website) at least a few years before the end of this age. I believe it’s quite possible that God allowed this to happen with perfect timing so that in hindsight no one who lived in this period of history will have any excuse for falling for the elite’s end time scams.

You can learn about the elite's current scams so easily on the Internet that there is no longer any excuse for any modern person to be deceived by the elite. And once you realize the elite are professional scam artists, you are much more likely to see through their upcoming end time scams (see Rev. 13:13-15).

The fact that now, a few years (or decades? a decade or two?) before the most drastic and confusing events of the end times occur, it is so easy to learn about the elite’s scams and what the Bible teaches about what is coming, yet most people are still clueless, is abundant proof that people are clueless for one reason and one reason only: because they do not love the truth. This state of affairs is no surprise to those who have read 2 Thessalonians 2:10.

(To learn why the “what people will learn in hindsight” and "removing excuses for when people look back in hindsight" aspect of God’s plan is so important, see my book Hell Is A Mistranslation.)

2 Thessalonians 2:10 also tells us that those who do love the truth will be saved from the trauma of the end times (the context of the passage is the end times, see the beginning of the chapter). The abundance of readily available information from a variety of sources (both truthful and deceptive, and everything in between) through the internet makes it possible for those who love the truth to discover the truth in a way and to an extent that was simply not possible before the internet, and provides a great arena for truth seekers to practice their “testing” chops (“Test everything and hold on to what is good” – 1 Thess. 5:21).

The last thing I want to mention about the prophesied increase in knowledge and technology in the last days of this age (Dan. 12:4) is that knowledge may actually have increased much more than we, the common people, realize. You will have to research this yourself, but there are many people (claimed former “insiders”, etc.) who say that the elite black ops organizations (military, etc.) have technology that is two to three decades ahead of what is made public.

I have not researched this extensively myself, but my mind is somewhat open to it, partly because billions and even trillions of dollars go unaccounted for in government military budgets (if you don’t believe me look it up, it’s even in the mainstream news; the Pentagon somehow misplaced several gazillion dollars and they have no clue where it went…yeah right).

I felt it was important to mention this because it may explain some of the false signs and wonders that the elite will perform in the future in their attempts to get humanity to go along with their one-world government plan (as prophesied in Rev. 13:13-17).

You have to realize that most of the technology we take for granted today would seem like magic to someone living just 100 years ago. If the elite do have technology they’re not telling us about, they certainly wouldn’t hesitate to use it to convince somebody that the antichrist is a god or has "god" on his side. (Of course we know the antichrist will have a supernatural being, Satan, on his side.) It could all be quite convincing to people who were not aware that such technology existed. (Imagine showing a person living 100 years ago a color video of their dead grandma on a life size plasma TV; they’d probably think she was back from the dead.)

Of course, some of these deceptive “great signs” could also be enacted through occult/satanic supernatural power. Either way, I figured this possible aspect of the increase in knowledge in the last days of this age was at least worth mentioning.

Reason #2: Exponential Increase In Travel

Daniel 12:4 also tells us plainly that in the last days of this age there will be an increase in the number of people going “back and forth” – traveling.

It is hard for a modern person to imagine that for thousands of years people traveled only by walking, horseback, or horse-pulled buggy, and if they wanted to hear news from overseas (or travel there) they had to wait for months as a wooden ship sailed across the ocean. For most of human history people didn’t even know what was across the ocean! It is hard for us to imagine today that most people throughout history never traveled to any place further than a day’s walk (a few miles) away from where they were born. These people had little idea what other places looked like either (other than paintings), because there was no such thing as cameras, television or video.

Today we not only travel anywhere in the world within a day’s time by floating across the sky in metal machines weighing many tons, but we can also capture a moving image of the far-off land we’re visiting, and beam it to someone across the ocean in a matter of minutes, as anyone with a cell phone or a Flip video camera and an internet connection to YouTube can attest to.

All these things were incomprehensible to the vast majority of people throughout the history of the world. I should mention that it is quite possible that the ancients had much greater technology and know-how than we usually give them credit for (after all, they built the pyramids); modern Darwinist agendas don’t have much room for anything but “we always getting smarter as the species advances”, so any evidence of ancient advanced technology does not get much publicity. But even if the ancients had much more technology than most people realize, I can guarantee they didn’t have YouTube and phones that can be lifted in the air, perceive the song playing on the radio, and immediately tell you the name of it (yes, they have an app for that).

In all of human history there has never been anything remotely resembling the amount and speed of travel that was ushered in with the automobile and airplane 100 years ago. This is a certain fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy that in the last days of this age travel would greatly increase. It is a certain sign we are now living in the last days of this age.

Reason #3: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Are Riding, and the Third Horseman Is Running Out of Steam

Revelation 6:1-8 contains the prophecies popularly known as “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. The word “apocalypse” simply means “unveiling”; it is the same word as “revelation”. The very first statement in the book of Revelation (or “apocalypse”, or “unveiling”) tells us that the purpose of the book and the vision given to its author is to show God’s servants what must occur quickly. The word is “quickly”, not “soon”. (If you see “soon” in your Bible, it’s a bad/sloppy translation.) In other words, these things were prophesied to occur, not soon after they were written by the apostle John 2,000 years ago, but quickly - in other words, when they begin to happen, they will happen relatively quickly.

Well, human history was rolling along for thousands of years, and then the four horsemen began to ride. The four horsemen have all begun to ride within the last few hundred years. The third one, the black horse (the economic horse that uses unfair scales – an unfair money system - to cause inflation), gained power in the United States (the most powerful nation in the world) in 1913. 1913 was the year the bankers took over the U.S. government once and for all with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and the accompanying federal income tax. (See my articles on the satanic money system in the Modern Events section of this website for more information on this event in 1913 and its consequences for the economy.)

The fourth horse, death, is already riding as well. In End Times Explained I explain from Scripture (a little-noticed Old Testament parallel prophecy to the four horsemen) how the Bible tells us that the fourth horse went primarily to the southern hemisphere (“the land of the south”). The fourth horse of death in the southern hemisphere third world nations is made possible (and will accelerate further) largely because of the third horse. The same elite that invented the black/third horse inflationary ("everything gets less affordable for the average person as prices go up and the common man’s wealth/buying power goes down") economic system, also routinely exploit third world nations through financing warlords, fomenting civil wars, and (what else) debt; this is a major cause of the devastating problems and death in the third world nations of the southern hemisphere (such as Africa especially).

So we can see that all four horses are in the earth today (for more detailed proof of this see my book). In the book I also explain how each horse came into the earth sooner after its predecessor than the previous horse did. You can see how there is an acceleration toward the last days of this age.

Now I want to point out something extremely important about the third horse, the black horse, that will highlight for you how quickly things are now accelerating toward the end of this age.

As I mentioned, the black horse inflationary (inflation is stealth transfer of wealth from the masses to the elite) economic system (central and fractional reserve banking) has now taken over the whole world, including the world’s most powerful nation. It has been doing its work in the U.S. since 1913. (One of the main reasons the U.S. has been more prosperous than Europe is because the bankers took over Europe a couple centuries before they were able to capture the U.S.)

Up to now the work of the black horse in the U.S. has been slow enough that most people do not realize the devastating effect it has had. In the 1950s one average income (the man’s) was enough to provide a decent lifestyle for the family, and the average family owned about 85% equity in their home. Today, the average husband and wife must both work in order to maintain a similar lifestyle, and the average family owns between 24% and 40% equity in their home (depending on whose numbers you listen to). This means that today people must do twice as much work for half as much wealth as compared to fifty years ago.

This is the inevitable effect of the black horse central and fractional reserve banking (unfair scales) economic system. The devastating effect I just described (how many women would love to stay home and raise children but must work, or have kids and then drop them at day care from the time they are infants?) occurred over 50 years time. It actually started in 1913 but its effects began to be most noticeable over the last 5 or 6 decades. Because it happened gradually, most common people didn’t notice the black horse doing its dirty work of stealing our buying power (and replacing it with debt).

The problem is that the longer this economic system goes on, the faster its effects accelerate. As it gets worse many common Americans have begun to notice that the system is rigged against us, and as inflation accelerates more and more exponentially as time goes on, the number of common people that notice the scam will increase exponentially as well. My point is that the black horse economic system must reach its mathematical end sometime in the next two to three decades.

Let me explain this a bit further, because it is vital for you to understand if you want to get a mental grasp on how close we may be to the end of this age. I explain the four horsemen thoroughly and logically in my book End Times Explained, so I will not go into a full explanation of them in this article. The main point I want to get across here is that not only are the four horsemen already riding which means we are already partway into the book of Revelation, but also that the third horseman is reaching the no-going-back acceleration point (massive inflation), which means that the elite will need to make a massive change to the economic system within the next two to three decades or they will face massive revolt from the people of America.

Follow me here because this is very important. The people of the United States are the most freedom loving people in the world; they are the only people left on earth who insist on economic freedom and prosperity, or at least the illusion of it. It is now mostly an illusion; debt, the illusion of wealth, has taken the place of wealth, because the elite have taken most of our wealth through the wealth-confiscation scam known as central and fractional reserve banking, and have replaced our wealth with debt, the illusion of wealth. This scam works brilliantly for the elite because the masses don’t understand it.

However, the end of the scam is coming, and the elite know it – they understand the system they designed, and they know it has a mathematical end. Keep following me…

The wealth of the common people of America has already been shattered; we own virtually nothing while the elite, led by bankers, own virtually everything (the title to most homes and cars are in the hands of bankers). Now we are left with only the illusion of wealth. We “own” homes and cars, which really means the bank owns them until we pay them with our blood sweat and tears for many years and decades; just try not making a few payments and you’ll find out exactly who owns your largest “assets”. Try not paying your taxes and you’ll quickly find out who has first right to your income.

Americans (like the rest of the world, it’s just that the rest of the world doesn’t care as much, they’re more accustomed to it) have become debt/inflation/tax slaves of the elite, and most don’t notice because of all the propaganda that the elite are trying their best for us, taxes are necessary, being in debt up to your eyeballs for a car and home is normal, etc. ad nauseum, and the fact that our wealth has been replaced and our lifestyles are still somewhat maintained with an illusion of wealth: debt.

This illusion of wealth will soon be shattered through massive inflation. This is not speculation; it is a mathematical certainty in central and fractional reserve banking. Massive inflation to the point where the average American’s lifestyle is significantly hampered (even more than it already is, to the point where it is obvious to even the most oblivious sports fanatic that something is very, very wrong) will occur eventually and is now accelerating toward the end game. The national debt now goes up by trillions (even billions were almost unheard of 100 years ago); the zeros just keep getting bigger and the average person’s wallet just keeps getting tighter. The elite keep getting richer and everybody else keeps getting poorer. There is no other possible result in the black horse system; that is the exact result central and fractional reserve banking was designed by bankers and their elite buddies/servants to produce.

The only problem for the elite is that it can't go on forever. The longer it goes on, the better it does its job of transferring wealth from the masses to the elite...and the more the masses start to notice. The other thing the masses start to notice is that the zeros start to get ridiculous. This is impossible for the elite to hide. The masses may not understand the scam, or even understand what the national debt is, but they understand that something is wrong with that many zeros; and simultaneously they notice more and more that their buying power is dwindling.

This is the reason the government has changed how they calculate inflation figures so many times over the last 30 years - to try hide the fact that it is getting worse, to keep the knowledge of the onset of the endgame from as many people as possible as long as possible. Notice the following chart that shows the difference between inflation over the last couple decades calculated the same way it was "officially calculated" in 1980 as compared to the figures arrived at when inflation is calculated with the new, different way it is "officially calculated" today. It is obvious that the elite have changed the way they calculate inflation in order to mask the fact that it is getting very bad.

The reality, 8%-15% inflation yearly, is virtually impossible for the average person's income to keep up with. The elite's solution? Hide it! Change the way you calculate officially-published inflation figures! You see what I mean. They cannot stop the inevitable ever-increasing inflation, they can only hide it for so long.

A simple unavoidable fact of central and fractional reserve banking is that the longer the scam goes on, the faster the endgame accelerates. The math can be represented by one of those exponential curves that starts out sort of flat but then the further it goes towards the right, the higher and higher it points, until it’s pointing straight up.

The elite see this coming. They know that at that point (actually, before it gets to that point, so they don’t face open revolt) they will have to change the economic system completely. They would love to transition directly to a one-world socialist/communist government, but the people of America will not put up with any such thing. (The people of Europe are already whipped, Britain has had their guns taken away and most of Europe is already socialist and happily so as long as there are no more wars on their soil.)

So the elite must do something drastic about the entire world economic system (system for bringing money into existence) and about the people of America within the next few decades, before the mathematical end of the black horse economic system makes the effects of the scam so obvious that the elite risk open revolt. Of course, the Bible predicts exactly what the elite will do about this problem. I don’t have the space to go into it here, I explain it in detail with logical proof from Scripture in End Times Explained.

For the purposes of this article suffice it to say that the mathematical end of the elite’s black horse system must come within a few decades at most. They will have to change something drastic worldwide or face open revolt by the people of America. So they must do something about this problem (something that is specifically prophesied in the Bible) soon.

The fact that the four horsemen of Revelation are already riding, and the third horse is reaching its mathematical end, are undeniable signs that we are now living in the last days of this age.

What’s Next?

The four horsemen are just the warm-up and preparation for the real fireworks of the most traumatic end time events that will confuse all of humanity (including most Christians, causing the great falling away from the faith prophesied by Paul in 2 Thess. 2:1-3). (In my book I also explain the little-known Old Testament parallel passage to the four horsemen of Revelation which reveals why God allowed the four horsemen to come into the earth.) Each of the four horsemen came in more quickly than the previous one. The third horseman is now reaching his mathematical end. Something must give - soon. What will give?

What will give is this:

The most traumatic end time events prophesied in Revelation and elsewhere in Scripture will begin to occur, thus paving the way for the satanic elite to bring in their long-coveted one-world government. The elite have been planning a one-world government for decades if not centuries, they just need events drastic enough to convince humanity of its necessity. The traumatic events of the last days predicted in Scripture will provide just the excuse they need.

Aren’t you thankful that God gave us the amazingly accurate prophecies of His Word to let you know what is going to happen before it happens (Rev. 1:1)? It takes some study to understand it (God purposefully made the Bible, especially end times prophecy, too hard for the casual reader to understand), but once you know what is going to happen, what to watch for, and what to do, you can live in perfect peace. You don't have to worry about the future because you know exactly what's coming and you know what to watch for, what to do, and when to do it.

We don’t know exactly when the next event on God’s end time timeline laid out in Scripture will occur, but we do know what it will be. You can read my E-Book End Times Explained to discover the next two major end time events that will occur, proven logically from Scripture. Even more importantly, you will learn what to do to prepare for these events; I will point out the specific (and repeated) Scriptural instructions for end time believers that will enable those who heed the instructions to escape the effects of the traumatic events of the end times.

(If you think you will be raptured before anything really bad, traumatic or confusing happens, may I humbly suggest you read Jesus’ words in Matt. 25:29, Paul’s words in 2 Thess. 2,:1-3 and my articles on the rapture in the End Times Explained section of this website.)


In this article I have given you three solid Scriptural reasons why we know for certain that we are now living in the last days of this age. Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

The next step is to know what to look for next. You need to know exactly what the next major event on the end times timeline laid out in Scripture will be. You can read my book End Times Explained to find out both of these vital pieces of information.

(I certainly don’t mean for this article to be just an ad for the book; far from it. I’ve shared a lot of extremely valuable information here. But there simply isn’t room in an article to lay out the full explanation and logical proof from Scripture that tells us exactly what will occur next and what to do to prepare for it. And I have to save some vital pieces of information for the books or I won't be able to finance this website or reimburse myself in any way for the hundreds of hours I've spent researching and writing these articles and my books. Thanks for understanding.)


John Lilley

Signs of the End Times - 3 Undeniable Biblical Indicators That We Are Now Living In the Last Days Copyright 2011 John Lilley

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